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MUNCIE, Ind. — A Snapchat post of a Ball State student showing off his bloody knuckles eventually led to his arrest, according to police.

Muncie police arrested 21-year-old Brandon Scott Reinholt, of Warsaw, on a felony charge of battery resulting in moderate bodily injury.

The investigation began on March 30 around 1 a.m. when police responded to a home on Beechwood Avenue for an unknown bleeding. They arrived to find an intoxicated man bleeding from the head, according to court documents. EMS took the student to Ball Memorial Hospital, where officers spoke with him further.

The student told police he left Brother’s Bar and Grill when an unknown man with long hair, later identified as Reinholt, approached him to ask about parties. For an unknown reason,  Reinholt then called his mother a whore and hit him several times in the head. After the incident, the victim and his friends went to the home on Beechwood Avenue for help.

Police followed up with the victim and his mother later that day. They told officers the victim received three staples from injuries he suffered during the attack, and he suffered from body soreness. The victim later told police he likely received a concussion and was in severe pain, according to court documents.

The victim and his mother also showed police a screenshot of a Snapchat post which read “I was giving this guy s*** for wearing cargos and then he swung on me” and showed Reinholt displaying his bloody knuckles.

The student victim identified Reinholt as the man who attacked him and told police he did not swing at Reinholt first. Police say the victim did not have any wounds on his hands that would suggest he had struck someone.

Police tracked down Reinholt, and they met him and his friend at the Emerson Dog Park on Ashland Avenue.

Reinholt told officers he and his friend were intoxicated on the night of March 30. While heading home from Hot Box Pizza, Reinholt claims the victim verbally abused him before hitting him several times. Reinholt says he struck back in self-defense, according to court documents. Reinholt told police he had a “shiner” from the incident and a broken rib. When police asked Reinholt if he took a picture of the “shiner” or went to the doctor for his rib, Reinholt told them he did not. When police asked Reinholt why he was smiling in the picture, Reinholt told them because he was happy to be alive, according to court documents.

Police say multiple witnesses they spoke with told them the student victim never threw a punch.

Officers arrested Reinholt because witnesses told police that Reinholt seemingly attacked the student victim because the victim was smaller, and Reinholt was never truly threatened, court documents say.

Police say Reinholt told them everyone was lying except for him. Officers took him to the Delaware County Jail without incident.