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Avery Bullock pleaded guilty to resisting law enforcement, dealing marijuana and carrying a handgun without a license. His other charges were dismissed. He’ll serve around 913 days in prison.

Deon Johnson pleaded guilty to dealing marijuana. He was sentenced to two years in prison with 39 days of jail credit and 652 days suspended. His other charges were dismissed.



INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Oct. 23, 2015) — A 22-month investigation led by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has locked up most of the remnants of a murderous north side drug gang on conspiracy, drug, gang and murder charges.

Eleven people are now facing racketeering and murder charges in connection with the crew. Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said they brought in hundreds of pounds of marijuana from Phoenix, Arizona using “sophisticated” techniques. 3,200 parcels of marijuana are said to be linked to the group since 2013.

Officials say the alleged leader, Richard Grundy III, provided firearms to the crew and supplied vehicles to transport drugs.

Investigators tells FOX59 that they suspect the Grundy crew in more than two dozen unsolved murders, including several multiple homicides, over the last three years. The suspects have been tied to at least six murders.

The members of the Grundy crew face charges as the result of a police chase and shooting on the city’s north side last winter. Included in the latest roundup are relatives of Grundy who reportedly served as lookouts for an early 2014 killing allegedly committed by John Means, Grundy’s reputed hit man.

The following individuals are charged with conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit dealing marijuana, corrupt business influence and criminal gang activity:

  • Richard Grundy III
  • Amanda Chowning-Grundy (Wife of Richard Grundy III) (Still wanted)
  • Richard Grundy Jr. (Father of Richard Grundy III)
  • David Carroll (Still wanted)
  • Anthony Tinnin
  • Victor Tinnin-Wells
  • Adrian Bullock Jr.
  • Avery Bullock
  • Eric Butler
  • Deon Johnson
  • Shawnte Boss

In addition to those charges, Grundy III faces an additional murder charge.

Police are searching for two members of the crew:

“Richard Grundy III is accused of acting as the leader of a dangerous gang intent on distributing drugs in our community and promoting violence and fear to protect their illegal business operation,” Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry stated. “I commend the work of this ATF task force in identifying and building cases against these eleven individuals to take them off the street and to dismantle their operation.”