INDIANAPOLIS — Police are searching for two armed robbers who broke into a Starbucks on the city’s east side. The suspects were both caught on camera.

“They were motivated to get in there and they were determined,” said Daniel Rosenberg, Director Coordinator with Crime Stoppers of central Indiana.

The robbery happened Sunday around 5 a.m. at the Starbucks off North Shadeland Avenue. The two suspects reportedly tried getting in a door but it was locked.  

Police say that’s when they used a long rifle to smash through the glass door at the Starbucks off North Shadeland Avenue.

“Most time with our burglars or robbers we see, if they make one attempt and they can’t get in they just decide it’s time to go,” said Rosenberg.

Not these two suspects. Investigators say at least one of the suspects was armed with a long rifle and used it to smash through a glass door.  There were a couple of Starbucks employees setting up for the day.  

“You come at 5 o’clock in the morning, you think everybody is in bed, right? In fact, you’re probably waiting for your morning cup of coffee and then all of a sudden, you’re approached with what really is a military style weapon,” said Rosenberg.

Police say the suspects threatened the employees, stole a small amount of cash and took off.

“They were quick. They were in and out,” said Rosenberg.

Crime Stoppers released surveillance pictures of the suspects.  It’s hard to see their faces, but detectives are hoping the distinct clothing could be a clue.  One suspect is seen wearing a black True Religion hoodie.  The other suspect is wearing a black, shiny coat and a bandana with flames on it.

“I think the most dangerous part about something like this is the fact that even when they got stopped at one level, they are ready to go to that next level. We have a crew that’s escalating here,” said Rosenberg.

Thankfully, no was hurt and police want to keep it that way.  Investigators are working to track down these suspects and get them off the streets.

“This is something that needs to stop. Needs to stop immediately,” said Rosenberg.

If you recognize either of the suspects in the surveillance pictures, call Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.