INDIANAPOLIS — A man armed with a loaded gun has been arrested for trespassing at an Indianapolis high school after a cop smelled weed in a concession area near the football field.

David Samuel Brown, a 28-year-old Marion County man, was arrested Monday and charged with unlawful possession of a handgun, carrying a firearm on school property and marijuana possession.

The charges against Brown stem from a July 31 incident involving him and an officer with the Indianapolis Public Schools Police Department assigned to Arsenal Technical High School, a public school in the 1500 block of E. Michigan Street on the city’s near east side.

The IPS officer said he was notified by a school staffer around 11:40 a.m. that a known suspicious man was trespassing on Arsenal’s campus near the football field.

Soon after, the officer said he saw a male walking away from a concession stand near the football field. The officer noted that he could smell the “odor of marijuana” as he got closer to the man.

The man, soon identified by the officer as Brown, was allegedly holding a green object that he was trying to conceal in his hand when the officer approached.

“Immediately after noticing the green object in Brown’s hand, [the officer] placed Brown in handcuffs, then conducted a test to assure that the handcuffs were [sic] obstructing blood circulation,” a police report reads. “[The officer] took possession of Brown’s black backpack for officer safety until the object in Brown’s hand was identified.”

Eventually, the officer identified the object in Brown’s right hand as a “green leaf substance” assumed to be marijuana. Police said a search of Brown’s backpack then yielded the following:

  • A silver Smith & Wesson 10 mm semi-automatic handgun
  • A magazine containing ammo (9 live 10 mm rounds)
  • An “almost full” jar of green leaf substance
  • An unopened bottle of alcohol
  • Cigar wraps
  • An Indiana driver’s license belonging to a Caucasian female
  • A debit card belonging to the same Caucasian female
  • A small vape pen
  • Multiple unused plastic sandwich bags
  • A red plastic container with a $5 bill inside

Brown was then arrested and booked into Marion County Jail on one misdemeanor weed possession charge and two felony charges relating to the firearm and trespassing on IPS property.

Additionally, prosecutors have requested a “stay away” order that would prevent Brown from going on Arsenal Tech property again. Prosecutors also filed a motion requesting that Brown be given a “greater than standard” bond.