ANDERSON, Ind. — Anderson and Muncie police teamed up to take down a suspected drug dealer accused of leading police on a chase and standoff.

The Madison County Drug Task Force was investigating Robert Arnold Jr., 45, a “violent felon” who was suspected of selling firearms and possessing firearms.

A search warrant was carried out at a home on Bramble Way on March 13. Although no one was inside the residence, investigators did find firearms and drug contraband.

Arnold’s vehicle was found by the Muncie Police Department several hours later in a parking lot of a business on N. Chadam Lane.

According to an affidavit, Arnold had claimed in the past that he would rather “leave in a body bag” than go back to jail. Based on that claim, police said they chose not to go inside the business to avoid putting other people at risk.

Muncie police said when Arnold exited the business and got back into the vehicle, he rear ended a patrol car and then took off through a nearby intersection “without regard for any other vehicles in traffic.”

Arnold led officers on a chase that ended when his vehicle stalled after turning into another parking lot.

Court documents state Arnold initially refused verbal commands to exit the vehicle. When he “finally” came out, he reportedly walked toward officers instead of obeying commands to stop and turn around. Police used a stun gun before taking him into custody.

Officers also found several knives and a firearm in the vehicle.

Arnold has since been charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon in Madison County.