ANDERSON, Ind. – An Anderson grandma and grandpa are being charged after police said their 2-year-old granddaughter overdosed on fentanyl pills.

Court documents detailed 62-year-old Trina May World and 66-year-old Sredgfried “Bert” World were both charged; Mrs. World with two felony counts of neglect of a dependent; Mr. World with dealing a narcotic and neglect of a dependent resulting in serious bodily injury.

Trina May World booking photo (Madison County Jail)

Investigators said after a 2-year-old reportedly overdosed on Aug. 19 while in Mrs. World’s care, they attended a Kid’s Talk interview with the other granddaughter on Sept. 1.

Department of Child Services advised that Mr. World wasn’t supposed to be staying at the home due to his prior conviction of dealing drugs.

During the interview, the girl stated she now lives with her mother but lived with her grandma and grandpa before. When asked why she didn’t live with her grandparents anymore, the girl stated she didn’t know.

The girl told the DCS worker that she wasn’t supposed to talk about why her sister went to the hospital and was worried she would get in trouble with her grandparents, according to the probable cause.

The girl was reportedly drawing throughout the interview, according to investigators.

Court documents said the girl began drawing what happened. She drew her sister on the floor of the kitchen. She went on to explain the 2-year-old girl’s eyes were “rolled back” before she fell.

Investigators said the girl then drew medicine including blue circles (resembling pills). She also added that there were numbers on the sides of the medicine. Police said the pills were reportedly in yellow bottles that said Walmart around the house.

Police also said the girl explained that she sometimes saw her grandpa selling them to people to get money and drew what she would see. The girl said after people would give him money, they’d leave.

She did not know if her sister took the pills the day she went to the hospital.

Sredgfried Bert World booking photo (Madison County Jail)

On Sept. 5, police said they served a search warrant at the Anderson home. Mr. World answered the door. Officers reportedly found two small vials in his pockets that contained “M30” counterfeit fentanyl pills.

After searching the residence, officers said they located hundreds of small plastic baggies, $204, and three large vials containing the counterfeit fentanyl pills.

The total weight of the pills was 32.3 grams.

During an interview with Mr. World, investigators said they asked why the 2-year-old tested positive for fentanyl. He reportedly admitted to keeping the pills around the house for his son who is “an addict.” He alleged that his son doesn’t live with him but does come to get them from time to time.

Mr. World added that the son gets them monthly for a prescription and investigators clarified that fentanyl pills are not prescribed. He later admitted he gets the pills from the street and that he sold them for $10 a pill.

Court records showed Mr. World confirmed the pills may have dropped on the floor before the 2-year-old got dizzy and was taken to the hospital but wasn’t sure.

Investigators stated Mrs. World refused to come to the police station to give a statement and wasn’t home at the time of the search.

Both were charged in the case.

Mr. World has a dispositional hearing set for Oct 18 at 8:30 a.m. and prosecutors filed an intention to seek habitual offender status.

Mrs. World had an initial hearing on Sept. 27 and a “no contact order” was issued.