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INDIANAPOLIS — IMPD is looking into what led up to a child being shot inside her eastside home Wednesday night.

Just before 9 p.m. Wednesday night IMPD arrived at E. Washington St. a few blocks from where it crosses Sherman Dr. Police said the family told them the bullet came from outside the house.

”I believe she is going to be okay, she was in stable condition when she left,” said IMPD Cpt. Mark McCardia. He said IMPD officers used life-saving techniques on the little girl including a tourniquet.

Thursday morning no one answered the door of the home where the girl was shot. Two IMPD officers were seen at the home talking to people as they were leaving.

Neighbors we talked to said they did not hear a gunshot Wednesday night but shots being heard in the area are not uncommon.

IMPD is asking the community for help solving what happened to this little girl.

“You never know what kind of damage that can do to a young girl,” McCardia said.

Kareem and Chrystal Hines both run youth mentoring programs for boys and girls. Kareem is the founder and CEO of New Breed of Youth Mentoring, or New B.O.Y. Chrystal is the founder and CEO of the New Beauty program. Both work with kids as young as six to their mid-twenties.

”At 8 years old they should be focused on being an 8-year-old kid and having fun,” Kareem said.

Chrystal said the girl will need support as she recovers not just physically, but emotionally, from the injury.

”That trust is going to have to be rebuilt, she’s going to need a positive network to go back to,” Chrystal said.

Both see how gun violence has impacted our youth, saying kids younger and younger are starting to be desensitized to violence 

”There is no hesitancy on their end to get involved in it, there’s no hesitancy on their end to grab a gun, to be curious about a gun,” Kareem said.

Several of their programs involving younger kids focus on kids just being kids.

”What we want to see is kids return back to what kids are supposed to be doing playing sports, engaging in art and music,” Chrystal said.

Kareem said conflict resolution is a huge problem across the city, leading to more people pulling guns and the impacts spreading across generations.

”We’re starting to see the effect on not only the people directly involved but now it’s getting to our babies and that has to stop,” Kareem said.

IMPD did not have any new suspect information Thursday and asked anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.