INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis woman is now the second member of a criminal trio to be ordered to serve several decades behind bars after pleading guilty to taking part in a violent crime spree that scourged Indianapolis and resulted in 18 victims, nine people shot and three deaths — including a Fishers’ police dog.

Rashaana Farrow pleaded guilty last week to 11 different counts including murder and battery by means of a deadly weapon. On Friday, Farrow was sentenced to 45 years in prison.

Farrow was but one of three who were arrested for taking part in the violent crime spree that occurred in October 2019. Richard Garrett Jr., Delance Hatcher, and Farrow faced a combined 53 charges between the trio.

L to R: Richard Garrett, Rashanna Farrow, Delance Hatcher

Delance Hatcher pleaded guilty to several charges, including murder, in June and was sentenced to 65 years in prison.

Garrett, who faces 23 charges in Marion County including two counts of murder and one count of conspiracy to commit murder, is still set for trial with jury selection slated for early October.

Garret faced a separate 14 counts in Hamilton County that spawned from a high-speed chase that ended with him shooting and killing a police K-9 before being taken into custody. Garrett ended up pleading guilty to four of the 14 counts and was sentenced to six years in jail. His potential sentence if convicted in Marion County would be dramatically longer as murder carries a sentencing range of 45 to 65 years.

Previous reports detail the deadly crime spree the trio plagued on both Indianapolis and Fishers. It included shootings, murders, road rage gunfire and a deadly hit and run. The crime spree resulted in 18 victims and included nine people who were shot.

It also included the armed robbery and murder of Devon Gillespie who was killed on Oct. 16, 2019, inside an apartment in the 3400 block of N. Sherman Avenue. That same day, all three suspects were accused of shooting two people in the 3400 block of E. 38th Street and Hatcher allegedly fired shots into a home and car on N. Meadows Drive.

On Oct. 17, Garrett is accused of being behind the wheel during the hit-and-run death of Anthony Mack on Tacoma Avenue. Shortly after hitting Mack, all three suspects are accused of stealing a vehicle from a gas station on N. Sherman Avenue. The suspects are also accused of taking part in a road rage shooting that same day.

“They wouldn’t have stopped,” said IMPD Sgt. Jeff Breedlove after the trio were finally arrested.

Garrett and Farrow were arrested on Nov. 13, 2019, after leading police on a high-speed chase on I-69. Garrett ended up bailing from the car and running from police. He attempted to break into two houses and ended up shooting a police K-9 at point-blank range.

Fishers Police Chief Ed Gebhart said at the time that K-9 Harlej’s sacrifice helped save other officers’ lives and led to the capture of Garrett.

K-9 Harlej. Courtesy of the Fishers Police Department

“I think the K-9 did its job effectively, did what it was supposed to do, did what it was trained to do, and I think ultimately saved lives of officers that were coming up behind him on the trail,” Gebhart said after Harlej’s death. “I think if officers would have come up on our suspect, I think they would have been injured or I think killed.”

Farrow did not flee and was found in the stolen vehicle and taken into custody. She described Garrett as her boyfriend.

Hatcher was arrested on the same day as Farrow and Garrett by IMPD.