2 men face charges after allegedly kidnapping woman in Anderson

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Desmond White (left) and Christopher Clark (right)

ANDERSON, Ind. — Two Anderson men are facing kidnapping charges after allegedly forcing a woman into a truck and driving off, according to Madison County authorities.

Officers were called to the 1700 block of Madison Avenue Sunday evening.

Police say they were told by witnesses that a man battered a woman and forced her into a red Ford F150 driven by another man.

That information led police to the 1300 block of Nichol Avenue, where they found a vehicle matching the description.

Police soon located the victim along with the two suspects, Demond White, 48, and Christopher Clark, 30. The victim told police she had recently broken up with White due to his “being abusive and controlling,” according to court documents.

She said she was staying with a friend on Madison Avenue when White and Clark showed up. White then grabbed her and demanded she leave with him. Court documents say the woman left with the men after several threats were made and to avoid any trouble for the friend she was staying with.

Once outside, the woman said she tried to run and yell for help, but White overpowered her and forced her into the Ford truck, causing her to hit her head.

The woman was then driven to the residence on Nichol Avenue. During that drive, she says she begged Clark, who was driving, several times to help her.

When questioned by police, Clark said he went to the residence on Nichol Avenue to buy tires. He claimed when the door opened, White barged in and demanded the victim go with them. Clark says he went back to his truck and saw the victim running and yelling for help before White “threw” her into the truck.

Clark said during the ride to Nichol Place, the victim told White to go ahead and kill her because she wanted nothing to do with him. He admitted he did nothing to help the woman and acknowledged he could have stopped the vehicle at any time.

White told police there was never any talk of buying tires and that Clark knew he was helping him locate the victim. White said he did not kidnap the woman but did add he “did get aggressive with her,” later saying he was “just wrestling with her.”

White said he wanted to confront the victim over her allegedly taking items from his place when she left him.

Both men were arrested for kidnapping involving a vehicle.

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