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UPDATE (May 17, 2021): A judge dismissed the murder charge against Daniel Crockett as part of a plea deal. Crockett pleaded guilty to armed robbery and was sentenced to 9 years, with the bulk of the sentence suspended to probation.

INDIANAPOLIS — Two people have been arrested and charged with felony murder in relation to the killing of an 18-year-old who was reportedly stabbed to death early Friday morning, according to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Police said 18-year-old Nathan Henry was stabbed at Buckridge Apartments off Southport Road. Two people dropped him off at the hospital just after 2 a.m., but he did not survive.

Those two people have been identified as 17-year-old Daniel Crockett and 18-year-old Antonio Carter. IMPD says they both have arrested and charged with felony murder and armed robbery. Crockett is being charged as an adult.

Just before 2:30 a.m. Friday, police were called to Community Hospital South in regards to a person who had been stabbed. At that point, Henry had been pronounced dead. Officers separated Crockett and Carter and secured the vehicle they had arrived in. IMPD took Crockett and Carter to the homicide office for interviews.

Police searched the vehicle and found a Glock .40 caliber magazine in the driver’s side floorboard loaded with live rounds and a digital scale.

While still at the hospital, detectives received word that a male had called 911 to report that he was robbed and that he had stabbed one of the suspects. Officers responded to the call and detained the male, who has not been identified. The male told police where the stabbing had occurred and authorities were able to establish a crime scene.

The male was then taken to the homicide office for an interview.

According to court documents, the male told detectives that he knows Carter and has bought marijuana from him in the past. He said the last time he purchased marijuana from Carter — 30 to 45 days prior — he was scammed and only sold stems and seeds. The male told officers that Carter told him he wanted to make things right by giving him two grams of pot to amend for the previous transaction.

He went on to tell detectives that he got off work Friday at 1:15 a.m. and called Carter, who sent him a text message that told him to come to an address on East Southport Road. He arrived to find that the address he was given was for an apartment complex. Carter told him to park in the back of the complex and that he would meet him there. Moments after he parked, Carter got into the passenger seat of his vehicle, and the two talked and smoked cigarettes. The male told detectives Carter then pulled a small bag of marijuana out of his pocket, said he forgot the rest, and that he would be right back. Carter left the vehicle, walked past a white van parked next to the male and walked out of sight.

The male said he sensed something wasn’t right, got out of the vehicle — leaving the door open — and stood on the sidewalk in front of his car. Carter then returned and immediately got into the driver seat of the male’s car in an apparent effort to prevent the male from driving off. The male told detectives Carter began to speak as if he was stalling for time and said he would just have to owe the male money. Two guys then appeared from behind the white van, one with a black hoodie covering part of his face and the other was much larger and wearing a white T-shirt. Now knowing something wasn’t right, the male said he tried to make small talk with the two individuals.

The male said the guy wearing a hoodie stepped forward and asked what was in his pocket. The male told him he did not have anything. The hooded individual then pulled out a black “Glock type gun,” pointed it three to four inches from the male’s head and told him to give him all of his “s***,” the male told detectives. The male said he responded, “I’m not giving you any.” The hooded individual then “pulled back the slide on the gun and loaded a round.” The hooded individual said “you think am afraid to do it?” More words were exchanged until the larger individual blindsided the male with a punch. The male told detectives he was then pistol-whipped and he went to the ground. The two individuals continued to beat the male and reach into his pockets. The male said he tried to run, but the larger individual grabbed him by the neck, dug his fingernails into his skin and choked him. The male told detectives he was dragged back to the ground, and “in the heat of the moment,” he pulled out his knife and defended himself. He stated that he thought he stabbed the hooded individual in the leg.

Carter then jumped out of the male’s car and yelled, “He has a knife!” The male said he saw blood on the knife, then looked at the individual he had stabbed, who was standing straight up before falling face first. The larger individual then stepped on his hand that was holding the knife. The male told he detectives he doesn’t know what happened to the knife after that, and Carter and the larger individual then turned their attention to their fallen friend and stopped attacking. He said he got up and starting running from the apartments when two or three rounds were fired at him, one of which he heard whiz right by his head. The male said he hopped a fence and called his girlfriend, who told him to get his car and get out of the area. He told detectives he waited a few minutes, jumped in his car and drove off. He said he then picked up his girlfriend, called his father, called 911 and drove to his home to wait for police to arrive. Records show the call came in at 2:46 a.m.

Court documents show when detectives interviewed Carter, he told them that he, Crockett and Henry were at a gas station. Carter said he went inside to get something to drink, and he when walked out, he saw Henry fighting with a dope fiend “tweaker” in the gas station lot. He said he and Crockett ran over to help Henry, and the tweaker ran away. They then saw that Henry had been stabbed, put him in their car and drove him to the hospital. When detectives asked about the station, Carter could neither tell them its name or location. Detectives challenged Carter on the truthfulness of his story, and Carter eventually told them he, Henry and Crockett were driving around when Carter received a phone call from the male and told him where to go meet up. Carter told detectives he had sold the male marijuana in the past, and he was going to give the male some pills to make up for shorting him. He said he got into the male’s car, went back to Henry’s car to get a “swisher” to roll a “blunt,” and when he returned to the male’s car, the male and Henry were fighting and Henry had been stabbed. Carter said the male ran off. He then loaded Henry into a car and drove him to the hospital. Carter denied having any knowledge of the gun.

Court documents state Crockett was then interviewed. His father was present since Crocket is a juvenile. Crockett told detectives he, Henry and Carter were driving around in Henry’s car. He said they were tired of driving and parked at an apartment complex. Crockett then said the three decided to walk around and a “crackhead, tweaking” guy attacked and stabbed Henry. He said he grabbed the guy to get him off of Henry, got the knife away from him and punched him because the guy wouldn’t go away. Crockett told detectives a gun fell out of Henry’s pocket, and he grabbed the gun and fired it into the air to scare off the guy who attacked Henry. Crockett said they then put Henry in the car and on the way to the hospital, they threw the gun out of the car because they thought the hospital would not treat Henry if he had a gun. Crockett told detectives he could not remember where they threw the gun.

Police say the male had bruises and lacerations on his head and face, as well as his arms and hands.

Detectives then went to the scene and found two shell casings roughly five feet from each other. They then further searched the vehicle Henry was dropped off at the hospital in and found an additional clear, loaded 30 round .40 caliber magazine in the center console of the vehicle and loose live .45 caliber rounds in the armrest of the center console.

The male is not facing any charges at this time.