INDIANAPOLIS — A 17-year-old boy has been charged with murder following a shooting on Indy’s near southwest side.

According to court records, 17-year-old William Elder is accused of shooting the victim, 43-year-old Larry W. Cagg, on July 10 in an alley along Kappes Street. Prosecutors said the killing was recorded on a neighbor’s home surveillance camera, which lead the investigation to Elder.

“It’s a shame because it was uncalled for,” said Marie Riley.

Riley lives across the street from the crime scene and called 911 after the shooting near her home. Court records say the shooting occurred after Cagg punched Elder’s friend twice in the mouth.

The video, police said, showed Cagg did not have a weapon in his hands at the time.

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Family approved picture of Larry Cagg

“I just hate it so bad that Larry lost his life” Riley said. “And I hate that William took it because to me it was unnecessary and uncalled for.”

Data from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department shows Elder is the sixth juvenile charged with murder in the city this year, which is higher than any recent year on the same date.

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Data from IMPD

Legal experts say that because of his age, Elder’s case was automatically waived into adult court.

“The statute does not give the juvenile justice system jurisdiction over a 16 or 17-year-old that commits murder,” said attorney Marion Massillamany.

The murder charge follows a violent week in which 15-year-old Sadayveon Edwards was murdered on Meadowlark Drive and 16-year-old Daekorion Sultzer was shot to death outside a vacant apartment stairwell on Merrick Way.

So far in 2022, IMPD numbers show the amount of juvenile homicide victims has also been on the rise compared to recent years.

“It can be frustrating at times but it’s also heartbreaking,” said Reverend Malachi Walker with Young Men Inc.

Reverend Walker said he hopes all the murders this week send a message to teenagers everywhere.

“My words and message to them,” Walker said. “Make good choices and decisions and respect others.”

Elder is being held without bond pending trial.