LAWRENCE, Ind. — A man is in critical condition after a shooting in Lawrence late Friday morning.

According to the Lawrence Police Department, the shooting occurred around 11:30 a.m. in the 10000 block of Timber Leaf Court, a residential neighborhood located near Sunnyside Road and E. 63rd Street.

Police confirmed an adult male was in critical condition as a result of the shooting.

Police said the shooting is believed to be an isolated incident and that there isn’t any danger to the public.

“There was some kind of a meeting or transaction between two individuals who at least knew of each other. What the nature of that meeting or transaction was remains under investigation,” said Lawrence Police Chief Gary Woodruff.

Woodruff said the suspect left the scene before police arrived. They have no description at this time.

Police are asking for neighbors to check their surveillance or doorbell footage and to contact Lawrence police with anything that might be helpful to the investigation.

“This neighborhood back here is very quiet, this is typically a very very quiet neighborhood and this is very unusual for this to occur back in this neighborhood,” Woodruff said.

Two neighbors we talked to said they did not see or hear the shots but walked outside to see the aftermath.

”All of the sudden I see a bunch of police and the fire truck and something going on in a vehicle and it’s like, ‘Okay, what’s going on,’” said Joe Giuffre, a neighbor near where the shooting happened.

Woodruff said the victim is alert and responsive in the hospital. Detectives will hopefully be able to speak with him soon.

”If he’s able to,” Woodruff said. “Medical concerns come first, of course.”

No further information has been released at this time as the investigation remains active and ongoing.