UPDATE (8/14/23): The Hancock County Prosecutor’s Office said they filed a motion to have the 17-year-old suspect moved to adult court. The next step will be for a judge to schedule a hearing on the motion before making a final decision.

GREENFIELD, Ind. — A 17-year-old has been arrested after he allegedly shot a 16-year-old in Greenfield on Sunday.

According to a news release from police, the shooting happened at a Greenfield home. After the incident, the person who was shot got into a vehicle and left the home.

Police said an officer patrolling along E. Main Street near Riley Park conducted a traffic stop on a car trailing the vehicle of the victim. According to the release, the officer was then “alerted” to the person who was shot, began providing emergency care and was taken to a local hospital in stable condition.

Officials said the suspect in the shooting, who was not identified by police because he is a juvenile, was arrested and transported to a holding facility, where he is expected to remain until he is formally charged.

According to previous reports, Greenfield police previously said the investigation into the shooting is ongoing. Police believe the incident is linked to a group of individuals, mostly made up of juveniles, that have been linked to the purchase and sale of illegal firearms and drugs.

Officials said on Sunday that the larger investigation has led to the seizure of six illegal guns, 20 search warrants served and eight to 10 arrests.

“We are concerned with the growing number of incidents in our community involving teens with guns and drugs,” the release said. “This isn’t a problem we can solve ourselves. We need the community to not only provide information, but to make sure your children don’t have access to guns. As a gun owner, you have a legal responsibility to ensure your guns are properly secured and kept away from people that cannot and should not have access to them. We will hold you accountable where the law allows.”

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call the department at (317) 477-4410 or send an email to intel@greenfieldin.org.