IndyCar driver Conor Daly’s motorhome always stocked with Lucky Charms, beer

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SPEEDWAY, Ind. – We see them all through the month of May topping 220 miles per hour, but have you ever wondered how IndyCar drivers live? All this week, we have an all-access pass, past the yellow shirts, and into the driver’s compound for a tour inside their “homes” leading up to the Indianapolis 500.

Today, our very own CBS4 Driver Analyst, Conor Daly, has invited us inside to check out his digs.

Rachel: Mr. Daly, hi!

Conor: What’s up, Rachel?

Rachel: Just came for a tour of your motor coach. This is nice.

Conor: The bus has always meant a lot to me in May because I always came into this bus lot when I was a kid and saw all these drivers with these cool motorhomes and I thought it was like the coolest thing ever. So, now that I’m actually racing I was like “I have to get a bus.”

Rachel:  So, now that you’re here and you have “the coolest apartment block,” is it as cool as you hyped it up when you were a kid?

Conor: Yeah, I like it. It’s nice. I mean, it’s just so convenient. We’re so busy here, I mean every day of practices. It’s a lot. So, it’s nice to be able to come straight to the garage right here, sit down and just think about today, do whatever and then go back to work in the morning.

Rachel:  And it’s got everything you need…huge TV.

Conor: Big TV, couch, I brought my Xbox, because everyone needs an Xbox.

Conor: The full kitchen program. We’ve stocked it with beverages and cereals.

Rachel: You’ve got the wine collection.

Conor: Since I drive for AJ Foyt, they’ve stocked us with a wine vault array. And since I’m Irish, we always have Lucky Charms on deck all the time.

Rachel: We’ve gotta see what’s in the fridge.

Conor: A lot of beer for my crew guys, because guess what? They work hard every day, even harder than I do. They can come by, grab a cold beverage when the day is over.

Rachel: Nice little half bath. So, this is where you chill, where you recoup?

Conor: Yeah, I’ve got my stuff laid out ready to go for practice. Track feeds all set up here.

Rachel: Is there one or two things that you have to bring from home that makes this feel more like home?

Conor: Just Lucky Charms and clothes. And my Xbox. Xbox is very important. 

From being a child at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, looking up to his favorite drivers, to now being a full-time driver for AJ Foyt Racing and moving in to what he once called “the coolest apartment block ever,” Conor Daly has seen his life come full circle.

Well, since it is the month of May, we could technically call it an oval.

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