Indy woman nearly killed when an SUV crashed through a local sub shop talks for the first time about her recovery

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UPDATE -  Deana Shumaker took a plea deal on the charge of leaving the scene of an OWI. She was sentenced to seven years in prison and one year of probation.

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- An Indianapolis woman nearly killed when an SUV crashed through a local sub shop is finally able to return home.

Back in February of this year, the victim was preparing to open Greiner’s sub shop when an SUV crashed into the building leaving the employee hospitalized for nearly four months.

The business has been closed ever since the crash happened.

For the first time today, the longtime employee who almost lost her life in the crash talked about her ordeal.

“She hit me and that was it. I was done,” said Tina Scruggs.   “After that I don’t remember anything.”

Scruggs doesn’t recall the exact moment she almost died.  She only recalls waking up in the hospital and not knowing how she got there.

“It bothered me thinking what happened because I didn’t know anything,” said Scruggs.

While crews quickly patched the huge hole in the front of the building, repairing Tina’s body has been a much longer fight.

“You know when you go to an average day of work you don’t think this is going to happen and all of a sudden it changes your whole life,” said Scruggs.

Tina remains in a wheelchair.  She has no use of her right arm.  Her left leg is still healing from skin grafts.  Internal injuries left her with a stomach band and physical therapy will be a new daily routine.

The crash resulted in Tina needing 18 surgeries.

“I mean I’m dealing with it and trying to cope with it.  It bothers me, but I just have to take it day by day. That’s all I can do,” said Scruggs.

Prosecutors say 41-year old Deana Shumaker intentionally drove her SUV into the shop while suffering from mental issues.

The suspect is facing various criminal charges, including criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon.  Her jury trial is set to take place later this month.

“For everything that was done to me, it was upsetting she didn’t give a rat’s patooty what she did to me,” said Scruggs.

Tina worked at Greiners for more than 3 decades.  Her goal now is to recover enough so she can enjoy every day activities again, like a simple dance.

“it’s changed my whole life.  I’m grateful I’m alive, but she’s changed my whole life,” said Scruggs.

The business’s owner hopes to re-open next month and says Tina will be the guest of honor.

A GoFundMe page set up for Scruggs has raised about $4,800 of its $17,000 goal.

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