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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Moving into a new home turned into a nightmare for one Indianapolis woman.

Heather Pope says she loaded up a rented U-Haul truck this week and went to work, but when she returned home, the truck and all of her possessions were gone.

The woman was able to recover the stolen U-Haul truck and return it to the store. Unfortunately, nearly all her personal possessions are still missing.

The back of Heather’s SUV now holds everything she owns and it’s not much.

“I’m literally starting over from scratch. I’ve got clothes. Nothing to cook with and nothing to cook on,” said Pope.

Heather’s headache began Thursday when she packed up and moved out of her near southwest side home.  While she was at work, she says someone broke in, stole the key to her rented U-Haul and drove away.

Hours later heather spotted the stolen truck near a park at Belmont and Wilkins, but by that time the truck had been virtually cleaned out.

Heather thinks a family member and a neighbor stole the U-Haul, but she has no proof.   All she can do now is check Craigslist and pawn shops to try and track down her stolen items.

“I’ve got to pick up the pieces and go on,” said Pope.  “I just bought a house.  So it’s a fresh start, but not the one I wanted.”

While she hopes someone will help return her stolen property, Heather also offers some advice to anyone who rents a moving truck.

“If you have a U-Haul truck make sure it’s locked and don’t leave it unattended.  That’s the worst time they’re going to rob from you is when you’re in the middle of moving,” said Pope.

So far no arrests have been made, but anyone with information on the case can contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.