Indy woman feels neglected by apartment complex after ceiling collapses

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – An Indianapolis woman says she’s being neglected by her apartment complex. She says a leak inside her apartment has now led to part of her ceiling caving in.

Carlnita Hutchinson has lived at Lexington Park apartments for six months. She says all the problems started in July.

“July 10 is when I came home from work and I noticed that my hallway floor was wet,” Hutchinson said.

The entire hallway was soaked. She says it took two weeks for them to come clean it.

“I was just scrubbing the floor and cleaning. I just went back and forth to the office to see when someone would come out,” Hutchinson said.

Hutchinson filed a complaint with the Marion County Health Department on July 22 for a water leak, wet floors and foul odor.

She says the apartment complex finally fixed the problem but it came back and so did a new one – a leak from her utility room.

Hutchinson says she went to the office several times to tell them about it, but then earlier this week, part of the ceiling collapsed.

She’s filed a new complaint with the health department.

They say there was a change in ownership at the complex after the initial complaint, so they’ve reissued the order with the new owner, TEH Realty.

A re-inspection is scheduled for September 9 at which point the health department can either give an extension or have the option of filing the case for court.

We tried contacting the owner of the property too but didn’t get a response.

“For me paying rent on time and having kids to stay here makes me feel frustrated because I told you about this problem more than three times four times and no one still came out,” Hutchinson said.

According to complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau, other residents at Lexington Park Apartments have had similar issues.

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