Indy Ten Point share models to clergy across the country to prevent crime


INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition is getting national recognition for the work their doing here locally.

Today, Indy Ten Point Coalition President Reverend Charles Harrison was invited to speak to hundreds of other clergy leaders around the country about the organization’s work to prevent crime.

The 67th Precinct Clergy Council; also known as the God Squad; invited Harrison to show off the coalition’s model to hopefully help other clergy leaders prevent crime in their neighborhoods like NYC.

Rev. Harrison hopes his model will help other cities but knows there’s a lot more work to do here locally.

“Something is going on in the community that is causing the kind of surge in violence and I’m not sure we have done the best of job of adjusting to what’s going on in the community to stay ahead of the violence we are seeing,” Reverend Harrison said.

Indy Ten Point has already helped other clergy leaders in central Indiana start their own coalition; like Kokomo Ten Point Coalition.

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