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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – IndyStar reporter Tim Swarens came into CBS4 Thursday to discuss his candid interview with former Park Tudor basketball coach Kyle Cox.

Cox was convicted after he admitted to sending explicit photos to a 15-year-old female student and trying to have sex with her, and also admitted to inappropriate relationships with other students.

“He does express regret and sorrow for the damage he’s caused…like a lot of these guys (sexual offenders) one minute they are expressing regret and accepting responsibility…a few minutes later they are casting blame on others,” Swarens said. “He certainly fit that pattern.”

Swarens reportedly sat down with Cox for two hours in federal prison in Michigan.

“One thing that Cox talks about is that he stopped seeing his students as children, and started seeing them as peers and began to think of himself as a teen.” Swarens said.

Cox went on to talk about how contacting students via social media was the first line that he “crossed.”

Cox was sentenced to 14 years last summer, the maximum asked by the prosecution.

Swarens concluded by saying that national research shows that 10 percent of kids will experience some sort of abuse or harassment during their K-12 education.