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INDIANAPOLIS — Santa Clauses across Indianapolis are preparing for the holiday season, especially after asking for presents on the big man’s lap went virtual or socially distant last year.

”I might’ve had 90 zoom calls last year,” said Steve Russell, a local Indianapolis Santa Claus.

Russel said he is ready for the job to get back to normal. 

”We want to spread the love and the joy and it’s better accomplished in person,” he said.

Mitch Allen is the Head Elf at, a worldwide service helping to connect people with Christmas cheer and Santa Claus himself.

”We’re literally up 120% over our pre pandemic levels,” Allen said.

He said they’re seeing more demand than ever this year.

”Everyone wants Santa to come to their home and office and we’re literally sold out in weekends in December already,” Allen said.

Demand is up, and Craig stone, another Indy Santa, said many Santas are also in the at-risk category for COVID-19 and still being precautious.

”Age, weight, diabetic, pre-diabetic, it comes with being a Santa,” Stone said

On top of the Santa shortage, Stone and Russell both said they’ve heard from Santas who are losing out on work because they’re unvaccinated.

”There are a lot of Santas who do not want to take the vaccine for whatever reason they have and the malls are just turning them down,” Stone said.

He said that’s one reason he got vaccinated.

”I wanted my clients to be able to ask for it,” Stone said.

Even with Santa supply down and demand up, Stone and Russell both said no one in Indiana will have trouble finding Kris Kringle this Christmas.

”We’ve got a group and our group steps up to the plate, so if I can’t do it someone else can,” Russell said.

If you’re looking to have Santa Claus come to your house, holiday party or office you can find Steve Russell on his Facebook page, Craig Stone can also be reached through his Facebook page and you can check out