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INDIANAPOLIS — It’s been seven long weeks since Commissary Barber and Barista in downtown Indianapolis has been open for business.

But after the mayor’s stay-at-home extension, they’ll have to wait a few more.

“It sucks. We were ready to open on Monday, we’ve had everything ready to go for the last couple weeks,” said owner Brandon Burdine.

Burdine says his shop has stocked up on proper PPE and sanitizer, and had employees ready to return. Seeing others back to work makes the wait even harder.

“I have good friends in Carmel cutting hair and it sucks to see them cutting hair and back to normal and doing their thing, when we could be there in 15 minutes but can’t do the same thing,” Burdine said.

Kimberly’s Hair Design in Zionsville has been open now for three days, and the phones have been ringing nonstop.

“A lot, we’ve had a lot,” said stylist Amber McDowell. “Probably today at least 25 random people we don’t usually have at our salon just calling trying to get in.”

They have to wear masks all day and sanitize more. But with many stylists still waiting for unemployment benefits, any work is welcome.

“We sanitize everything in between every client,” McDowell said. “So we’re doing less people in a day and ultimately making less money, but we’re just thankful to be back.”

Burdine understands Marion County is in a different situation than surrounding counties but feels barbershops should be some of the first, not last, places to open.

“If anything, the restaurants and barbershops and salons are probably the safest places,” Burdine said. “Yeah, we’re a little closer in certain ways, but we learned a lot about sanitation and disinfection, so we know the proper steps to take.”

He’s now preparing for a June opening and hoping for no more delays.

“We’re hopeful,” Burdine said.