INDIANAPOLIS — The Department of Public Works isn’t the only group trying to fix the roads. On Tuesday, eight community organizations in the city were awarded funding to improve streets and walkways. 

The money is coming from the Indianapolis Neighborhood Infrastructure Partnership. Projects range from adding curbs along sidewalks to resurfacing streets through several neighborhoods.

The Department of Public Works matches the funds that organizations apply for, allowing them to complete more projects than they’d be able to alone.

“This is really what it’s all about. If I could sort of get a picture of the smile on your face when you first walked in when you said that you got funded, that’s what this program is really all about,” said DPW director Dan Parker. “Neighbors bringing their projects to us, as the mayor likes to say, to kind of move up that list to get it done.”

Using the funding, three intersections along Lafayette Road will be improved. These are the intersections with Roberta Street, Kessler Boulevard North Drive, and 21st Street. The improvements include added sidewalks, accessibility ramps, and crosswalks, thus increasing accessibility to the nearby Kessler Boulevard multimodal trail as well as nearby bus stops.

Other projects being funded by the program include:

The Oaks Academy

The Oaks Academy is a school serving student from pre-kindergarten through 8th grade, and it is located at 1301 E 16th Street. The school received a partnership grant in 2021 to repair sidewalks in front of the school where children are picked up and dropped off. This year, the school’s infrastructure project includes new curbs to go with the new sidewalks.

Indianapolis Public Transportation Foundation

Supporting IndyGo’s initiatives for safe passage of pedestrians to and from transit stations, the IPTF proposed to design and construct safe pedestrian crossings at three intersections on Lafayette Road. This project is in tandem with IndyGo’s plan to make stops from 16th through 30th streets along Lafayette Road fully ADA compliant. Funds will result in HAWK signals being installed at existing bus stops, as well as new sidewalk connections and crosswalks. 

Hearthstone HOA

The neighborhood, located at 91st Street and Masters Road, was built in 1982 and the roads have not seen significant rehabilitation since they were built. This project includes resurfacing areas within the neighborhood, including Fireside Drive.

Misty Woods HOA

This Franklin Township neighborhood was completed in the early 2000s. The neighborhood roads have not been rehabilitated since they were built. The roads identified for resurfacing include Misty Woods and Autumn Breeze lanes.

Pacers Bikeshare

Since opening the bikeshare in 2014, riders have logged more than a million miles throughout the city. Funds received through the partnership will be used to upgrade and increase capacity at a variety of bikeshare stations.


The university aims to keep students, employees and visitors by resurfacing roads within the campus. The project includes resurfacing University Boulevard, from Indiana Avenue to New York Street; and Limestone Street from Hine to Vermont streets.

Greenbriar Neighborhood Association

This neighborhood near W 79th Street and Ditch Rd wishes to repair more than 1,600 feet of sidewalk in the neighborhood. Many of the sidewalk panels in this neighborhood are original to the neighborhood which dates back to the mid-1970s.

Southeast Neighborhood Development Inc. (SEND)

The organization requested support for new sidewalks to be built on the north side of Hanna Avenue to support Hanna Commons, a supportive housing development currently in development near Keystone and Hanna avenues. This project is conditional upon the limits of the public right-of-way surrounding Hanna Avenue, currently being surveyed.