Indy native Jane Pauley shows how to reinvent yourself professionally

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Jane Pauley is the kind of person that people line up to meet, not just because she’s famous, which she is. They line up because they genuinely like her before they even meet her for the first time.

“I am shocked when people ask me where I’m from,” laughs Pauley. “Are you kidding?…isnt it obvious?”

Jane’s career has lasted 40 years and counting on network TV. It started in central Indiana, first at Warren Central High School, then at IU, before she eventually ended up on the “Today” show as a fixture on morning television for more than a decade. Her departure from that show was controversial and represented the first time Jane had to reinvent herself professionally.

“I acknowledge that you know the only constant in life is change,” said Pauley.

Reinvention became a theme in Pauley’s life. She wrote books about it and recently hosted a discussion on the topic at the Barrington of Carmel Retirement Community. It’s a topic that resonates with baby boomers who are entering what used to be considered retirement age.

“You’re not done by virtue of whatever birth day you just celebrated,” advised Jane. “Reinvention is not an obligation, you know everybody’s doing it why aren’t you? It’s an opportunity.”

Jane’s reinvention has progressed to the point that she fills in as anchor of the CBS Evening News. She landed the exclusive interview with fellow Hoosier David Letterman when he retired. Like many Hoosiers, she credits her long success to the values she learned in central Indiana a long time ago.

“I think I owe some of longevity, a quality of authenticity…and I think that’s my Hoosier characteristic. To be anything but that me, would be putting on airs and there’s no reward for that here, said Pauley.”

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