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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett and Police Chief Bryan Roach continued their efforts to fight crime in the city’s most troubled neighborhoods.

The pair got together Wednesday afternoon to walk the streets near 25th and Keystone.

Their goal is to get ideas from people on what the city can do to prevent violent crime and make the area safer.

“We want this neighborhood to prosper and grow and if people want to promote mischief and mayhem, they need to know we’re watching them,” said mayor Joe Hogsett.

During their walk, the mayor and police chief acknowledged simple cosmetic issues drag down quality of life and can lead to violent crime.

“This area is not a bad place, it needs help and could use help,” said Hogsett.

Last year a group called the Concerned OG’s, a collection of former law breakers now committed to stopping violence, began holding weekly peace walks nearby along Sherman and 25th street following a series of killings in the area.

Latasha Hawkins for one praised the mayor and chief for taking an active role walking around the city.

“I believe they need to be in the neighborhoods to see what’s going on, to interact with the people that live there,” said Hawkins.

Hawkins says beyond just walking the streets, the mayor need to continue his focus on tearing down abandoned home and getting more youth programs for kids.  Hawkins says the thing troubled neighborhoods like 25th and Keystone need the most is more engagement by residents and faith groups.

“We need to get involved and take our neighborhoods back and take our city back,” said Hawkins.

Today marked the third time the mayor and chief have done this same type of event.  In recent months the pair walked near 10th and Rural and along Washington street.

They plan to continue that kind of engagement in the months ahead.