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Michael Bouye pleaded guilty to battery with a deadly weapon. He was sentenced to two years in prison with 80 days of jail credit.


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — An Indianapolis man is in the hospital after being attacked with a baseball bat.

The assault took place Tuesday night at a home on Indy’s northeast side. The victim suffered a facial fracture and serious eye injury after being hit multiple times in the head with the baseball bat.

The victim says the incident started as an argument that quickly escalated to violence as he was ambushed while sitting in a chair in his bedroom.

“When I turned around, he hit me with the bat. He hit me in the face with the baseball bat,” said Raymond Lee. “I was sitting right here in this chair when he come around the corner; I turned my head. That’s when he cracked me in the head.”

Bloodied after being hit in the face, Lee says he scrambled to defend himself from a bat-wielding family member, leaving spots of blood all over the walls and floors of his sister’s home.

“He hit me in the head and in the face with the bat and I’m filing charges on him,” said Lee.

Lee claims his brother-in-law brought drugs and a prostitute to the house and because Lee is on parole and doesn’t want to get in any more trouble, the pair got into a fight.

“He was bringing them girls in off the street to the house and my sister doesn’t want that up here,” said Lee. “I don’t want to go to the penitentiary, so I’m trying to do the right thing.”

After the attack, police were called and arrested the suspect, 61-year-old Michael Bouye, for assault and battery.

As a convicted felon himself, Lee admits he’s spent his share of time behind bars, but says he does not approve of violence in any way and wants the suspect held accountable.

“I’ve done time myself. When I’m wrong, I’m wrong, but when you put your hands on me, I’m going to file charges on you. It’s simple as that,” said Lee.

Bouye is due in court on the battery charge on Thursday, until then he’s being held at the Marion County jail.