Indy man finds layer of asphalt stuck to his tires

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — “This was perfectly clean 24 hours ago,” said Adam Campagna while pointing at his car tires, now dirty with asphalt.

Campagna was on his way to pick up his child at daycare on Tuesday, when he noticed something wasn’t right with his car.

“As soon as I turned right heading south on Keystone, that’s when I noticed all the debris kicking up to the fenders,” Campagna said.

Campagna pulled over and noticed a layer of what appears to be asphalt caking both of his driver-side tires.

“If gravel or debris was to fly off the car and hit the car behind me that’s traveling, who’s responsible for that if there’s a cracked windshield or paint chipped on their vehicle?” worried Campagna.

He says it happened on 80th Street between Keystone and Westfield. He said he did not see any signs or any construction crews.

As cars drove down the road today, we noticed black tire marks up and down the road. However, we reached out to the Department of Public Works, which told us there haven’t been any crews in this area, and no work there is planned.

At Best One of Indy, store manager Brett Bobrow says they don’t see this happen very often. When it does, it usually won’t cause any lasting issues.

“For the most part, it usually comes off on its own,” Bobrow said. “But I have had a handful of times where it’s been really stuck to the tire, and we’ve had to use a putty knife or something of that nature.”

However, if it sticks too long it could cause a balance issue for your car. As it comes off, it could get stuck in the braking system or cause serious damage to cars behind you.

“You could’ve seen a layer of asphalt that was sticking up about half an inch,” Campagna said while visualizing what his tire looked like before the rain washed most of it off. He’s thankful it didn’t cause any damage.

“Could it have been a bigger safety concern? Absolutely,” Campagna reflected. “I think we need to be more cognizant of that going forward.”

With DPW saying no crews were working in that area, it’s still unclear where the asphalt came from.

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