Indy man admits to accidentally shooting and killing his twin brother

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- An Indianapolis man admits to accidentally shooting and killing his own twin brother.

The killing took place at an apartment complex on Indy’s northwest side. Police officially ruled the case an accident.

Five days before the fatal shooting, someone opened fire on the family’s apartment building.
That set in motion the accident that killed 20-year-old Zain Lofton.

“We just felt we were in fear of our own life,” said Zion Lofton. “We was just trying to protect our household.”

Even after filing a police report, Zion Lofton confessed he started carrying a gun around the home for protection.

On Thursday night police were called back to the same apartment for a second shooting that took Zain’s life.

Zain Lofton

“Me having protection led to my brother being gone and I didn't want nothing to happen to him,” said Zion.

Zain’s twin brother asked not to have his face shown on camera, but admitted he pulled the trigger on accident firing the fatal shot.

“I know my brothers not blaming me, but I'm blaming myself,” said Zion. "It's my fault. That's how I feel.”

Zion expressed overwhelming guilt and remorse after he claims he shot into the floor from his upstairs bedroom and the bullet struck his brother who was downstairs at the time.

“The bullet went through the ceiling. He was right there and it hit him. The bullet hit him,” said Zion. “I see everybody typing RIP about him and it don't seem real. It's eating me up on the inside because that's my brother, my twin brother.”

The family hopes their tragedy serves as a lesson to others to be careful handling firearms.

“Having guns around is not safe, especially when you really don't know how to use them,” said Zion. “Anybody can get hurt and it's a big lesson and it's a tragic accident and somebody's gone because of it and you can't bring them back.”

To make matters worse, the family worries the ongoing coronavirus outbreak will prevent them from having a proper funeral for the 20-year-old victim.

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