INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis man is accused of murder while on GPS monitoring.

Police believe an argument over money following a drug deal led to a deadly shooting Friday night along Dearborn Street.

44-year-old Darryl Ransom Jr., known by friends and family as Monk, died at the scene.

Court records claim witnesses helped identify 32-year-old David Ice as the killer and GPS monitoring placed him at the scene that night.

Booking photo of David Ice

Police used the murder suspect’s GPS monitor to track him down. The arrest came less than one month after Ice pleaded guilty to two different felony charges.

Court records show Ice was wearing a GPS device after being charged with felony battery in April, following accusations he assaulted a co-worker at the Salvation Army building on east Washington.

Earlier this year Ice was also charged with auto theft and illegal driving.

As part of the plea agreement in both cases, which was accepted in May, a judge sentenced Ice to two years with time suspended and ordered the suspect to undergo anger management classes and wear a GPS monitor.

The victim’s girlfriend was too emotional to talk about the death on camera but said she does feel the justice system failed the victim.

“I think it’s fair for the family to have strong questions on why this offender was out, who is now alleged to have taken the life of their loved one,” said Indy FOP president Rick Snyder.

Indy FOP president Rick Snyder has frequently criticized the Marion County justice system for catch and release justice.

Snyder specifically criticized the prosecutors office for agreeing to a plea deal in this case because Ice had a lengthy criminal record and was considered a serious violent felon at the time he was put on GPS monitoring.

“It’s the revolving that continues to spin and more people continue to die. The point we keep making is many of these deaths are preventable,” said Snyder.

The prosecutor’s office declined to comment on the case but did provide the following statement: “In May the defendant pleaded guilty to Battery/F6 and Habitual Traffic Violator/F6 both are level 6 felonies. The defendant was sentenced to two years in Marion County Community Corrections. Additionally, conditions included anti-theft classes and anger management classes. A Level 6 felony carries a sentencing range of 0.5 – 2.5 years with an advisory sentence of one year.”

The prosecutor’s office also noted that the defendant’s GPS monitoring played a significant role in his apprehension.

The suspect remains behind bars at the Marion County jail where he’s being without bond pending the filing of formal murder charges.