INDIANAPOLIS — Local LGBTQ organizations in Central Indiana have released responses following a deadly mass shooting at a Colorado club.

The shooting, which claimed the lives of 5 people and injured 25 others, occurred just before midnight on Saturday night at Club Q in Colorado Springs. The tragic event happened just before Sunday, which is Transgender Day of Remembrance.

The Damien Center, which is the largest and longest-running AIDS service and resource center in Indiana, held an event Sunday. There are security measures already in place at the center, but officials said the security is increased following hate attacks such as this.

“It just made me feel unsafe, it made me feel uncertain about life and about my safety and I hated feeling that way,” said Alan Witchey, President and CEO of the Damien Center. “I hated feeling that way, I hated feeling like I might not be safe and that is how you feel when your community is attacked.”

Witchey said the most important thing to do after such a violent, hateful event is to condemn the actions.

“I think it’s really important that people very quickly and swiftly condemn these kinds of violent attacks,” he said. “These happen way too often in our country and when people are silent, it sounds like people are supporting it. When they pause for a longer time it sounds like they’re not sure whether they should stand up and support it.”

“But in a case like this, we need public figures, we need businesses, politicians, everybody, to stand up and say ‘this is not acceptable, we’re not going to allow this to happen’,” Witchey continued. “And to join together as a community and a force to make change in a positive way.”

Indy Pride, Inc. also weighed in on the attack with a statement tweeted out Sunday:

On its website, Indy Pride provides multiple local resources for LGBTQ people. Click here for the full list of resources.