IndyHumane Vaccine Clinic hidden gem for animal owners in financial need


INDIANAPOLIS — The IndyHumane Vaccine Clinic has been helping animals and their families at their Michigan Road location for 5 years now, however, you may not know about the low-cost options they have to offer.

Animal necessities can add up and burn a hole in your pocket. The IndyHumane Vaccine Clinic is a hidden gem within central Indy offering heavily discounted dog and cat vaccines, microchipping, testing, and more.

We talked to Marketing and Communications Manager Hayley Wolf about how the clinic serves its residents with purpose.

“There’s always a veterinarian on shift here at the vaccine clinic,” Wolf said.

“So they are the ones doing things like your rabies vaccines that have to be a veterinarian to administer and then we also have a team of vet techs both here at the shelter and vaccine clinic and at our spay/neuter clinic.”

Wolf told us that this time of year, and especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, they are very busy and booking out a few weeks. She says this isn’t as bad as your traditional vet clinics which are booking out months at this point.

Wolf has been working at IndyHumane for 3 and a half years. She and her coworkers love to see the transformation of the animals that come through their doors.

“Working with the animals and seeing them kind of from start to finish. When you see an animal come in and then they get healthy and they receive all of the treatment they need and then you see them get adopted,” said Wolf.

Although the clinic is fully equipped with a staff that can take more than good care of your pet, they encourage pet owners to not substitute the clinic for your regular veterinarian needs.

For a list of prices, to schedule an appointment, and to learn more about what Indy Humane offers, please visit their website.

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