Indy east side neighbors wrongfully towed, warn others: ‘The car was gone’

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A warning for east side apartment dwellers: keep a close eye on your car. Neighbors in the area said a tow company is picking up vehicles even if they have permits.

“I came out Friday morning to take my son to school, and the car was gone,” Olivia Dufour said of her father’s car.

Dufour borrowed a friend’s vehicle and brought it to their apartment complex on East Washington Avenue. Her father moved the permit sticker from his vehicle to that car, but left a note in his vehicle with the permit number. At 4 a.m., Dufour said Indy Towing Services Inc. picked up the car without warning. On their website, the company said they give residents a 24-72 hour notice before towing a vehicle by placing an orange tag on the car. Dufour said they did not have a notice, and that multiple cars were in the parking lot the next day without permits. She said they weren’t towed.

“So, we went to the management company, and they said the permit number with the information should have been okay for them not to tow,” Dufour said.

Dufour said her complex called to tell the tow company that the note left in the car was enough. The family went to the company to get the car back.

“We had a note [from the apartment complex] that said my dad’s car was permitted to be here,” Dufour said. “The employee said that note wasn’t good enough.”

Dufour said the company wanted $145 dollars plus fees to tow it back. However, her complex was able to convince the company to release the car for a small fee.

CBS4 found that the company has a history of similar complaints. The Better Business Bureau gives the company an “F” rating.

“They’ve got several unanswered complaints,” Central Indiana BBB President and CEO Tim Maniscalo said. “The majority of companies are not F’s, because most companies are trying to do the right thing, so an F rating is something that is given when a company, in this case, is not answering complaints.”

We reached out to the company to get an explanation, but were told no one was available to answer our questions.

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