Indy domestic violence advocates urge more awareness, connection to resources

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INDIANAPOLIS — Domestic violence crimes continue rising across the city. On Monday, IMPD officers responded to a domestic disturbance call on Colorado Avenue before 5 a.m. where a man was allegedly threatening a woman with a knife.

“Dispatchers advised they could hear the male telling the female he was going to kill her,” officer William Young said.

When officers arrived, they said the man charged at them aggressively, and two officers fired shots, wounding the victim.

“This is another case where we have a domestic intertwined in it which is concerning because we’ve had a number of these lately,” said Chief Randal Taylor.

Danyette Smith, a domestic violence survivor and founder of Silent No More, Inc., is on the front lines of the fight against domestic violence. She is using her past to help survivors and their families have a future.

“When you don’t have finances, when you don’t have a vehicle, you just don’t know what that next [day] looks like, it keeps you stuck in that situation,” Smith said. “But I promise if you give us a call, we can tell you what tomorrow looks like and it’ll be brighter once you reach out to someone.”

Smith and her team help survivors escape abusive situations around the clock. She hopes people get connected to resources quicker and easier, and agencies help bridge that gap.

“After two or three calls, they no longer want to keep going and start to think maybe it’s not meant for me to leave and for me to stay,” Smith said. “But, getting them directly connected to what’s needed for them is the best way.”

During Monday morning’s incident on Colorado Street, police told us there were more people inside the house at the time of the call. But they did not release the ages.

Smith said in general, children are significantly impacted by domestic violence.

“Don’t stay because of your children,” Smith said. “The longer you stay with the excuse, shall I say, for your children, the more damage you put on the children.”

Resources available

Here are a list of local and national resources for domestic violence survivors:

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