Indy crime prevention and intervention groups weigh in on proposed 2021 budget


INDIANAPOLIS- Crime prevention and intervention groups are weighing in on Mayor Joe Hogsett’s 2021 budget with a high priority on public safety and criminal justice.

58% of the $1.29 billion proposed budget is designated to public safety and criminal justice.

“We’re optimistic that his focus on crime prevention and reform will play a role in some of the efforts we’re working with his administration on,” Peace in the Street Director Aaron Williams explained.

Williams and other leaders in the City of Peace Coalition are intrigued to see a large portion of the proposed budget going towards these areas.

“We anticipate having some more conversations with the mayor. We’ve been in contact with members for the city-county council about the budget,” Williams said.

They’re hopeful crime prevention and intervention groups will be brought in to discuss ways to spend the money.

“We want to be able to work these district commanders to help them understand we have a solution if you bring us to the table with you, we can help,” Williams said.

These groups hope by trying a new strategy to reduce crime it could end up saving lives.

Young Men INC. founder Malachi Walker wants to see a change for the Circle City on how crime is dealt with.

Walker says with the record number of homicides and other violent crimes on the rise something needs to change

“We are talking about a lot of money here and the right people need to be at the table,” Walker said.

The full council is expected to approve the proposed budget in mid-October.

To read more about the proposed budget click here.

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