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INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis couple is credited with turning in the man accused of hitting and killing an 11-year-old boy after they saw his picture on Facebook and realized it was the man who stayed at their home the night before.

IMPD arrested 52-year-old John Killough Jr. at a home in the 3500 block of Orange Street on Saturday afternoon.

Killough was charged with hitting and killing Kyson Beatty on Dec. 11 near the intersection of Tibbs Avenue and Wicker Road on the city’s southwest side. A warrant was issued for his arrest and police had been looking for him.

Katie Book and Craig King said Killough showed up at their home on Friday night looking for a place to stay.

“When I come home he was out of the truck getting ready to leave so then they started talking and he wanted to stay in the camper and he said well you could stay for the night,” Book said.

Book and King had seen Killough before because he was friends with one of their neighbors.

“We let him in this morning to warm up and we fed him and let him take a shower,” Book said. “He was definitely nervous.”

Book said when Killough went back outside to the trailer they had parked in their yard she opened up Facebook and saw a picture of Killough and that the police were searching for him in connection to Kyson’s death.

“I freaked out and jumped up I’m like Craig. Craig — I was trying to be quiet,” Book exclaimed. “I’m like that’s the guy, that’s the guy.”

Book immediately called 911 and police showed up ready to arrest him.

“He just walked up to him and said ‘what did I do’ and they put the cuffs on them and took him out,” Book said.

Courtesy: Katie Book

Kyson’s family didn’t want to speak about the arrest today. However, Book said his father showed up at their home later on to thank them.

“He said man thank you so much he said at least now before I lay my son to rest on Monday I’ve got closure knowing he’s behind bars,” Book said.

Killough was booked in to the Marion County Jail and is currently facing one count of Leaving the Scene of an Accident Resulting in Death or Catastrophic Injury and one count of Operating While HTV Causing Death.

“Do you know what they do to children killers in jail I mean he’s definitely got his time coming,” Book said. “I think the time he gets is the least of his worries.”

So far, no future court dates have been set for Killough.