Indy couple tracks down stolen belongings after car theft

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. –  A number of people on the northwest side of Indianapolis woke up Monday morning to find their cars had been broken into.

It happened at Abney Lake Apartments near 38th and Guion Street.

Monique and Jonathan Swanson say they don't usually leave important items in the car, but they did Sunday night, and what's more -- they accidentally left the car unlocked.

"Honestly, I always hit my lock button like 10 times," said Monique. "But I have a 2-year-old, so she may have unlocked it."

She said in a way, she feels fortunate. She heard some peoples' windows were smashed in, but the burglar didn't have to do that to get into the Swanson's car.

“Glove compartment open, middle compartment open, wallet gone,” described Jonathan. He really couldn't afford to lose what was inside that wallet.

“It was bad because I couldn’t go to work cause my CDL was in there. My medical card was in there, so in order to drive a truck, I gotta have that,” said Jonathan.

The Swansons received a text from their bank that told them someone tried to spend 20 dollars at a gas station but didn't know the PIN.

After contacting their bank to tell them the attempt was fraudulent, the couple decided to go to the gas station to investigate.

Jonathan asked to see the surveillance footage during the time of the attempted transaction.

In the video, you can see a man spending quite some time trying to get money from the ATM. He moves on to the register and gets turned away there too. Then he heads to the car, where he appears to throw something in the trash.

We aren't showing the video because police have yet to confirm whether this man is a suspect in the case.

When the Swansons checked the trash can, they found their wallet and someone else's items as well.

“I wasn’t waiting on the police because I know that takes forever, so I just looked at where Chase pinged my card, and I just went there and just got lucky!" said Jonathan.

Monique said she is so glad they didn't have any cash in the car.

“Your cards can be cancelled at any point in time, but your cash, once that’s gone, it’s gone,” said Monique.

The couple wants to warn others about leaving valuables in your car and to always double check that you locked your car doors. Their situation turned out okay, but they know they got lucky in this case.

Police are continuing to investigate. We will bring updates as we get them.

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