Indy-based app helps local businesses rebuilding from pandemic


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INDIANAPOLIS– Two Hoosier entrepreneurs are launching an app to keep Indianapolis businesses connected.  

Landon Price and his business partner Cesar Paz launched ‘Plug!.’

“Through the app, people are able to find new potential connection which could lead to business deals,” Paz said.

‘Plug’ is a marketplace for Indianapolis businesses and workers to promote their services and connect with one another. 

“You can work with real people around us and that’s how we believe we’re going to rebuild the economy from the pandemic hit that we’ve taken,” Price said.

“A lot of hospitality and service businesses are in shortage, they need people,” said Becky Liu-Lastres, Assistant Professor IUPUI. “But the people they laid off a year ago already found a job.” 

She says Indianapolis businesses are in desperate need of workers. 

“There’s a need help sign everywhere here,” Liu-Lastres said. “That’s a good sign that we’re slowly recovering.”

This time last year, The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Indiana’s unemployment rate was 16.9 percent. Today, it sits at 4.2 percent.

While significant progress has been made, coronavirus restrictions are putting a strain on businesses and workers alike 

“With those restrictions in place, it’s a direct tug to all the services and no one can ever survive,” Liu-Lastres said. “It makes it very difficult to survive that point.”

With more Hoosiers getting vaccinated and easing restrictions, Liu-Lastres says hope is on the horizon. 

“We know how to adapt to this new normal,” Liu-Lastres said. “People are accepting this new reality that e now live in a very different world than a year ago.”

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