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MOORESVILLE, Ind. – Indiana’s very own is making a name for himself as one of the strongest middleweight men in the world.

Raised in Mooresville, Terry Rady was one of 36 people from around the world to compete at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. He went from fourth place and injured on day two to the first place podium by the end of it.

“It’s really fun but it’s also extremely taxing,” Rady said.

The 230-pounder can deadlift more than 600 pounds and squat at least 610 pounds. He can also pull a Ford F-350 truck with his body, no problem.

“If you’ve watched ESPN and seen the guys picking up cars, big rocks and pulling trains, that’s what we do,” Rady said.

Rady mentioned a tough childhood. Often alone, he said he acted out and ended up in juvenile detention. Then, in 2013, he went through a bad breakup.

“I was that skinny fat. I was under 170 pounds but I had a gut,” Rady laughed. “My best friend, he was like, ‘You’re in a bad relationship. You’re in a bad spot. You’re going to come live with me and we’re going to get you back in the gym. We’re going to get you going.’”

Rady fell in love with strongman competitions immediately. He says they turned his life around.

“There is no better feeling than coming in here, destroying yourself and eating until you pass out. I love it,” he explained.

Rady showed CBS4 some of his training. He picked up sandbags, then moved rocks, kegs and tombstones. He moved yolks, pressed logs and moved extremely heavy tires.

“This is a sport of passion. If you want to be the best, this is part of it. You have to suck it up and deal with it. You have to train for the events,” Rady said.

Rady trains to some unusual music, too. Instead of turning on rock or rap music like most athletes, he prefers opera, Disney music and singalongs.

“I listen to musicals and stuff because it’s a positive memory. I think about my mom and it makes me happy. When I’m happier, I lift and I can focus better,” he explained.

Now that he has made a comeback in more ways than one, Rady is considering taking up motivational speaking.

“I talk on my Instagram about this. It’s about surrounding yourself with people who want you to be the best you and have the best impact in your life. If you have somebody, something or a relationship, a friend or family member that just is trying to hold you back and you feel like they’re not supporting your decisions and whatever endeavor you want to accomplish, you need to weed those people out of your life,” Rady said.

“You can do anything you want to do.”