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It’s morning radio heard across America–and broadcasting from Castleton.

“At any point 15 to 18 million people are listening. And that’s kind of freaky,” said KLOVE DJ Mike Kankelfritz.

This is KLOVE.

“We’re just right here in Indy. We’ve got this nice little area. We got a little lake outside 465. I feel like we’re walking into an Indy station and it doesn’t feel like this massive thing,” Mike said.

It’s 101.9 on your radio.

Christian contemporary music and a ministry.

“People are looking for hope. They’re looking for something to let them know everything’s going to be okay or in the midst of it not being okay, ‘I’m going to be alright. God’s there with me,’” said Mike.

Amy, Mike and Skip fill the airwaves with faith.

From a studio in our backyard, they’ve touched listeners on the brink of suicide.

“And they were just flipping through the radio stations and they would turn it on. And they were in the middle of doing something very, very tragic and they would stop because they would hear the hope and the message and the music that they would hear,” said DJ Amy Baumann.

Divine intervention?

They’re convinced and telling their own stories.

“On the air we just share struggles that we have in our own lives. And how we turned to God. ‘God I need you because I really messed up here,’” said Amy.

Just a crew of down-to-earth radio evangelists, live from Indianapolis.

“You know the true miracle is that with us in this studio, the fact that ministry is going on is proof there is a God,” said Mike.

And they really are just like you.

Skip loves to take in an Indians game.

Amy’s got three kids and keeps active with all the family things to do around town.

The KLOVE headquarters is in California.

But they chose Indy for the KLOVE Morning Show.