Indiana’s popular ‘Gaming Granny’ is making waves online


“MeeMaw The Geeky Granny”

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MADISON COUNTY, Ind. — A “Gaming Granny” is making waves as a video game streamer online. Her persona is grabbing a growing viewership, but it’s all for one very special follower.

MeeMaw The Geeky Granny not only has her own show every weeknight on Twitch at 7 PM (8PM on Fridays), but is a Hoosier.

“I wanted to have our grandson be able to spend time with me without us being close together,” said MeeMaw who asked us to keep her true identity a secret.

Their physical distance became the birth of MeeMaw The Geeky Granny. She began streaming her video game play online, so she could talk and interact with then 5-year-old Connor.

When playing online, she takes on the persona of a cat. The feline talks like her, and facial recognition software allows the avatar to make the facial reactions that mimic MeeMaw herself.

“I commissioned an artist to make me my headphones,” MeeMaw said of her custom kitty.

Her grandson quickly became a fan, as did others. She now has 2,100 followers and counting.

“We have folks that are actually our age, all the way down to people’s families with kids that are watching us,” MeeMaw said.

She is able to make money by streaming online. Viewers can tip her for the content.

So far, it’s enough to pay for all her equipment. When she retires from her day job, she hopes to do this full-time, and increase the revenue stream with an even larger audience.

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