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It’s finally official: Indiana is getting its first Shake Shack.

The first Shake Shack in the state will be located at the Indianapolis International Airport after the Indianapolis Airport Authority Board approved six new contracts at the terminal.

The board launched a “concessions refresh” initiative in 2016 to add new food and beverage vendors to the airport. The new contracts will bring 19 new or expanded eateries to the location.

While Shake Shack has gotten the bulk of the press in central Indiana—thanks to job listings discovered last week and the chain’s cagey responses to questions about its plans for Indy—it’s not the only restaurant with plans at the airport.

Indiana-based businesses like Sun King Brewery, Bub’s Burgers, HotBox Pizza, Social Cantina, Tinker Coffee, Ben’s Soft Pretzels and the Stacked Pickle will give travelers a taste of Hoosier hospitality.

Harry and Izzy’s will expand their existing concepts; other locations like The Farmers’ Market, Indiana Pacers Courtside Club and Circle City Beer Garden will allow travelers to enjoy locally sourced products.

Starbucks will expand its presence at the airport with a new location in baggage claim while Bento Sushi will bring another nationally recognized brand to the airport.

You’ll find Bub’s Burgers, Bento Sushi, the Stacked Pickle, and the Social Cantina, as well as the expanded Harry and Izzy’s concept on Concourse A. Concourse B will feature Shake Shack, Sun King Brewery and The Farmers’ Market.

Tinker Coffee and Starbucks will be located in both Concourse A and B and Civic Plaza, while a new Starbucks/Circle City News location will open in baggage claim. Civic Plaza will showcase HotBox Pizza, Indiana Pacers Courtside Club and Circle City Beer Garden.

The airport is expected to approve additional contracts later in the year.