INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis woman created a business to help students find and apply for scholarships and now she’s offering some of her services for free.  

Former teacher Brianna Members started her company, SheEdits, after she graduated grad school debt-free thanks to more than $50,000 in grants and scholarships. 

Now she wants to pass those same savings on to other students. 

“I love being able to do it. I remember getting my first congratulatory letter and now that I am on the other side, and I am helping people get thousands of dollars. It’s just incredible, so that was one of my biggest goals,” said Founder and CEO of She Edits, LLC Brianna Members. 

Her services offer help finding different scholarships and also help with the applications and essays. They don’t write the essays for you but help with brainstorming, outlining and editing. 

She also offers a free master’s class and other resources so that everyone can have a chance to get help. 

“I realized not everybody can afford the more intensive scholarship assistance, even though I strive to really make that affordable and accessible to anybody who wants that,” said Members. 

“With the free services, everybody can just start building their foundation of scholarship knowledge. So, they can start to get a taste and start to take some really obtainable tips that they can go out and use immediately.” 

She also updates free content on her Facebook and YouTube channel so people can across it from anywhere. 

So far, the company has helped clients win more than $400,000 for school. 

Membership is helping to reduce debt, which is something some parents know all too well. 

“I graduated from college over 20 years ago and of course, I am still paying my student loans today. So, that’s not where I wanted my daughter to be,” said Tina Edwards. Her daughter started working with SheEdits the summer before her junior year and has won more than $67,000. 

SheEdits is for all kinds of students: college freshmen, transfer, and graduate school. 

It helped April Jones get nearly $30,000 in awards for grad school. 

“The importance for me was that my undergrad I did take out loans and I knew I wanted to go back to school, but I did not want to add to the current debt that I already have. So, it was extremely important that I was able to get my master’s degree debt-free,” said April. 

She helps students from all over, including some local and even a mother-daughter pair from California. 

“Then when I went to law school, I graduated with $95,000 in student debt, so it was one of those things here I am trying to help my now 17-year-old go to college, and I am still paying my own student loans myself 20 years later. It was huge to help her to not follow those particular footsteps of mine,” said Jamila Purnell.  

Her daughter Amayah was able to go to her dream school, San Diego State University with $14,000. 

Anyone interested in getting help from SheEdits can visit the website here.