Indianapolis woman living in moldy conditions after rain causes apartment flooding

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INDIANAPOLIS,Ind (July 28,2015)--A south side Indianapolis woman says the heavy rains have caused her apartment to flood several times this summer. Brandi Bornmann's apartment started showing signs of mold due to the moisture. She says that she brought her concerns to the leasing office at the Country Club apartments and has only been offered temporary solutions.

Bornmann's apartment is underground and her air-conditioner sits in the living room window. Initially, the maintenance staff believed the water was leaking through the AC.A wood board was placed on the outside portion of the unit--but the water continued to rush in.  

A representative from the property management company tells CBS4 that an outside contractor was hired to address the issue. Cement was added to the outside wall and a trench was dug, according to Bornmann.  However, these 'solutions' didn't fix the problem.  

"I've had to throw away five pairs of shoes. I've thrown away a coffee table, I'm getting ready to throw away this coffee table because it's starting to mold," said Bornmann.  

There is mold growing on Bornmann's wall, furniture and even her clothing.  

"I've lived in water for about the past two months," said Bornmann.  

Bornmann says that she is tired of the 'Band-Aid' fixes and she wants a long-term solution.  

"This has been nothing but a big headache, I just want to be moved into an apartment that isn't going to flood," said Bornmann.  

Jill Herron, senior VP of Flaherty & Collins Properties, tells CBS4 that they are aware of the existing flooding problem and they plan to address it. 

"Knowing that this apartment was still having some water infiltration, we thought it was within everyone's best interest to move her into an apartment that she can enjoy long-term," said Herron

According to Herron, Brandi will be given the option to move out of her one-bedroom apartment and into a two bedroom. Currently, the Country Club apartments don't have a one-bedroom for Brandi to move into.  

"At this particular point, we have a two bedroom that is available and we have extended that offer for her to move," said Herron.   

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