Indianapolis woman fights off armed intruder at her west side apartment

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- An Indianapolis woman is still in shock after she said a man broke into her home and tried to stab her with a knife.

“This is the scariest thing that has happened to me in my life,” Chelee Spence said. “I’m very blessed to be here today standing here because he came so close to stabbing me.”

Spence had just arrived home Thursday night from shopping with her daughter when the attack happened.

Spence said she had just got inside her home when she heard the front door open and close downstairs. She thought it was just her daughter who had come in.

“And I was like, ‘Oh Haley is that you?’ And then that’s when he was walking up the stairs,” Spence said. “I don’t think there was much going through his mind except to hurt somebody.”

Spence said she told the man that this was not his house and was able to push him to the main entry area. Once there, she opened the door and screamed for help.

“If I would have not turned to unlock the door and scream for help, he would have stabbed me,” she said. “I mean he was this close to stabbing me.”

At that point, both of Spence’s children came to her side and they were able to get the man out of the home and lock the door.

“Thank God my children are ok,” Spence said. “I’ve never had to deal with a person like this. A person out of their mental state where they try to stab a person.”

Spence told investigators the suspect was young Hispanic man in his early 20’s who was wearing all black and had short curly black hair. She believed he was about 5’7″,  weighed around 150 lbs and was on drugs.

Spence added since the man entered the apartment so quickly after she got home, she believes he was watching her house and targeted her.

“He was absolutely watching my house,” Spence said. “I don’t know what goes through people’s minds.”

IMPD has not made an arrest in this case and anyone with information that could help lead to an arrest is asked to call Crimestoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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