Indianapolis police swarm near northeast side neighborhood to stop retaliation shootings


Photo from scene on May 18, 2016

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The IMPD SWAT Team, patrolmen and women, gang detectives, FLEX officers, Marion County Sheriff’s deputies and assault and homicide investigators will swarm the neighborhoods around Washington Park tonight to hunt down the gunman or men who wounded four people last night in what was likely a retaliation shooting related to the murder of a man this past weekend.

IMPD Commander Chris Bailey hopes a hard-hitting police presence will make the rest of the week a lot safer in that community.

“We’re gonna go out and hit the streets and be the police.”

Jakoby Scott, 30, was gunned down near 34th Street and Keystone Avenue last Sunday morning.

Scott’s friends gave chase after his alleged killer.

Luckily for Donahvon Troutman, 27, IMPD was chasing, too, and he crashed his car at 52nd Street and Georgetown Road before his enemies caught up.

Troutman is being held without bond after appearing in court today; he’s been charged with murder.

Tuesday afternoon, someone shot up a house in the 2100 block of East 34th Street owned by the grandmother of Scott’s friend.

Javontae Cushenberry was shot in the left leg.

Albert Germany was slightly wounded but told police not to worry about it, “that he will take care of the problem on his own.”

That’s why IMPD is worried.

Wednesday night, after a memorial service for Scott, four people were shot in an alley near 34th Street and Caroline Avenue.

The wounded people are not expected to die from their injuries.

“The victims last night weren’t too cooperative with us,” said Bailey, “which is par for the course.”

IMPD officers are familiar with the names and addresses associated with the recent mayhem.

“Two nights ago my FLEX team removed an assault rifle and two bullet proof vests over in that area as they were investigating the shooting that occurred in the 2100 block of East 34th Street, so these are dangerous people,” said Bailey.

“We’re going to be very targeted and specific on who we’re going after so those folks who don’t want to cooperate with the police that have been a victim of non-fatal shootings who claim they’re going to take care of things themselves should understand that if they’re involved in criminal behavior we’re going to go after them and arrest them too because we can’t have retaliation.”

Bailey met with area ministers to seek their support and cooperation with police in responding to crime scenes and riding with officers in an attempt to open up lines of communication with residents who have information about entrenched criminal activities in their neighborhoods.

“Some of these folks have been involved in criminal behavior for twenty plus years and so they can lay low all they want this weekend but we know they’re going to get back involved in criminal behavior and we’re not going to stop. We’re gonna be the police. We can’t have a summer like we had last summer.”

The city’s murder tally spiked after July 1, 2015, on its way to a final total of 144.

Metro Police Chief Troy Riggs met with 25 pastors Wednesday to ask for their help in keeping tempers from boiling over this summer.

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