Indianapolis mothers of murder victims join national support group


INDIANAPOLIS––It’s been seven years since Donita Royal’s son was murdered and her email inbox and cell phone directory are full of the names and contact information of other mothers who share her pain.

“I could say there’s a thousand mothers right now in Indianapolis if we go from seven years from my son being killed to how many each year, that’s over about 200 from each year,” said Donita. “Mothers need to be heard so now this is the time to come together.”

Wednesday night at seven o’clock, Donita will host a Zoom meeting to organize the Indiana chapter of “Voices of Black Mothers United,” a national organization dedicated to supporting women of color who have lost their children to gun violence.

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“One thing we can do is start working on justice for your child,” said Donita. “There has not been justice done on many, many of our children that’s died of gun violence.”

Three years ago today, the body of Trevon Mann was found in an abandoned apartment near 42nd Street and Post Road on the city’s northeast side.

Cathy Mann is still waiting for justice for her son’s killing.

“Some of the ones that I know were involved in my son’s murder have literally sat at my dinner table, have fed them, they stayed the night at my house, I’ve taken them home, I’ve given them rides, I’ve shaken their hands, I’ve gone and had drinks with some of their parents before,” she said. “For this to happen and no one wants to come forward, especially the parents, that’s heartbreaking as a mother.”

Cathy said she can’t travel the eastside where her son and his killers grew up without running into someone who knows about Trevon’s murder.

“If the shoe was on the other foot and Trevon did this, yeah, I would hate to have to turn my son in but I wouldn’t have a choice because I would have to feel that mother’s pain.”

Cathy said an anonymous donor has come forward with a $10,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of her son’s killers.

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