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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett is looking to double his 2016 goal of 1,000 summer jobs for youth and he wants to find 2,000 openings for young people in Indy this summer.

“This year we set and intend on reaching a double goal of 2,000 teens with summer jobs,” Hogsett said. “Though tough to find on our own, they are out there.”

Hogsett and other community leaders gathered at the Krannert Park Indoor Pool Wednesday to draw attention the campaign and the new resource designed to connect youth to potential employers,

“I hear in the neighborhoods all the time, ‘how can we get information about the jobs? We don’t know enough information,'” Indianapolis Deputy Mayor David Hampton said. “This is our effort to inform the community. Please, please get your teen a job! We are very excited about what the summer will bring.”

The Indianapolis Parks Department currently has 400 open positions for teens listed on the Project Indy website from lifeguards to landscapers and everything in between.

The Indianapolis Zoo is also looking to hire 70 seasonal and part-time workers this summer.

“Right now is the perfect time to apply,” Indianapolis Zoo Spokeswoman Melanie Laurendine said. “We are going through applications, hiring and training right now so get on it.”

Besides putting money into kids’ pockets, Hogsett said summer jobs are a great way for kids to learn responsibility and develop hard and soft skills.

“Honestly, I myself have evolved throughout the years and I truly believe it’s because seven years ago I started working at an Indy park,” Indianapolis Parks Department employee Taylor O’Neil said.

Hogsett added jobs are a great way of keeping kids off the streets and out of trouble when they aren’t in school.

“In the summer if kids got nothing to do, they rarely do nothing,” Hogsett said. “And often times, what they find to do isn’t very positive.”

If you are between the ages of 16 and 24 or an employer looking for seasonal workers you can visit