Indianapolis man sentenced to 65 years for 2016 murder of 82-year-old man in Zionsville


Damoine Wilcoxson walking into his sentencing hearing on April 18, 2019.

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BOONE COUNTY, Ind. – A 23-year-old convicted killer will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Damoine Wilcoxson was sentenced to a total of 102 years in prison after being convicted of a series of violent crimes, including a murder in Zionsville in 2016.

In handing down the maximum possible sentence, the Boone County judge said Wilcoxson is prone to hate and violence.

The 23-year-old showed absolutely no remorse before or after learning his fate, nor did he offer any apologies to the family of the man he been convicted of killing, John Clements.

In September 2016, the 82-year-old man was murdered outside his Zionsville home. Clements was targeted at random as he went to get the mail.

“My goodness to walk up your driveway in broad daylight and have someone do this to you is beyond comprehension,” said Boone County deputy prosecutor T.K. Morris.

Several days later, on Oct. 4, someone fired shots at IMPD Northwest District headquarters. On Oct. 13, shots were fired at IMPD North District headquarters.

When police tried to arrest Wilcoxson, he allegedly fired several shots at officers.

Forensic testing on shell casings confirmed that the same gun was used in all four locations—Clements’ shooting in Zionsville, the two IMPD headquarters locations and the area where Wilcoxson was arrested.

Wilcoxson has already been sentenced to 37 years for the shootings in Marion County. The 65 year sentence in Boone County will run consecutive and brings the total punishment to 102 years.

“At the end of the day this was a random act of violence and a truly innocent victim,” said Morris.

The Clements family wrote a letter about their father, which was read in court. The family called the victim Jac and explained how Jac’s wife of 60 years was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Before his death, Jac provided the best possible care to his wife. After the killing, Jac’s wife was forced to move out of her home of 47 years into assisted living.

The family said, “The actions taken by Wilcoxson took our father from us and took all the remaining joy from the life of our mother.”

“What the family had to say demonstrated the significant impact. This took a toll on their family,” said Morris.

“The Clements family and the Town of Zionsville were rocked by the senseless broad daylight shooting of Mr. Clements. Hopefully, this verdict will help heal this heartbreaking loss,” said Boone County Prosecutor Kent Eastwood.

Because of Wilcoxson’s violent history and because of possible threats made before the hearing, extra security was on hand to keep the courthouse safe.

In the end, prosecutors say the violent crime spree is still hard to comprehend.

“The fact this happened in Boone County the way that it happened, it makes you shake your head and realize how precious life is,” said Morris.

Wilcoxson has appealed the sentence in Marion County. He will also be able to appeal the sentence in Boone County.

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