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INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis man is in custody after police say he shot at another vehicle during a road rage incident on the interstate.

The Indiana State Police said the shooting happened around 3:15 p.m. on January 3. Police responded to reports of an alleged road rage incident that led to gunfire on I-465 near Crawfordsville.

Troopers met with the victim and discovered what appeared to be a bullet hole in the side of the truck. A court document details that the victim was traveling south in the center lane and merged into the left lane ahead of another vehicle. As the other vehicle merged into the center lane, the victim told police they heard a loud noise, thinking the driver threw something at them.

The court document goes on to detail that the other vehicle merged to the right and sped up, coming even to the victim’s vehicle. The victim told police they saw a flash as the other driver fired three additional gunshots at their vehicle. There was also a woman inside the vehicle.

The Indiana State Police said an investigation into the shooting led police to an Indianapolis residence. They were eventually able to get in contact with 27-year-old Aarion Mosley to talk to him about his side of the road rage incident.

Court documents detail that Mosley claimed the truck’s driver was driving recklessly, cutting victims off, not letting them pass, and slamming the truck’s brakes in front of other vehicles. Mosley claimed the truck’s driver flipped him off as he went to pass the truck.

The court documents go on to state Mosley told police he did not display a weapon, despite witness claim that they saw Mosley display a firearm from the vehicle.

After further investigation, police arrested Mosley and were able to find the woman who was allegedly in the vehicle with him. Court documents detail that she told police Mosley picked her up from work and witnessed the truck driving recklessly.

The woman went on to tell police that Mosley eventually got upset and fired at the truck. The court documents detail that investigators discovered the firearm on the bedroom dresser.

Troopers arrested 27-year-old Aarion Mosley on preliminary charges of criminal recklessness, felon in possession of a firearm, and pointing a firearm.