INDIANAPOLIS — Three years after the start of the pandemic and air travel has certainly rebounded, with Indianapolis being front and center of its revival in the Midwest.

The Indianapolis International Airport announced in its 2023 activity report that it had more than 4 million passengers travel through the airport so far this year.

“We had more enplanements in the first six months of 2023 than we’ve seen in the first half of any year to date,” said Mario Rodriguez, the executive director of the Indianapolis Airport Authority. “And for a single month, this June was the biggest June we’ve had in the airport’s history.”

The airport saw over 885,000 passengers departing or landing during June, which was a 14 percent increase compared to the previous year.

The airport also saw a rise in the number of people flying out of it so far this year, recording an 11.5 percent emplanement increase. This statistic, coupled with the airport’s passenger numbers exceeding pre-pandemic proportions, paints a rosy picture for the reigning best midsize airport in North America.

This factor in tandem with holiday travel has seen a significant increase in the number of visitors flocking to the circle city. Unsurprisingly, airport officials said Memorial Day weekend was one of the busiest travel days the airport witnessed.

The airport also confirmed that March was one of the strongest months of the year, buoyed by a record-breaking Spring Break travel season.

This all comes at a time when Indianapolis is working towards its goal of cementing its status as a top host city.

Indy’s commitment to hosting popular gaming conventions such as Gen Con, big-name concerts and other public events has seen an increase in the number of visitors flocking to the city, airport officials said.

Higher travel volume is expected to continue to increase next year as multiple high-profile events are coming to Indy that are sure to attract plenty of out-of-state travelers.

This includes the NBA All-Star Game in February, the NCAA first and second rounds in March and a solar eclipse of national prominence in April. Last but not least, Taylor Swift is going to be in town for her three-day concert at Lucas Oil Stadium on Nov. 1, Nov. 2 and Nov. 3, 2024.