Indianapolis International Airport receives $56 million grant for improvements

Indianapolis International Airport

Indianapolis International Airport

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis International Airport announced Thursday morning that they will receive a $56 million grant from the Federal Aviation Administration’s Airport Improvement Program (AIP). According to the FAA’s website, for a project to be eligible for the grant, it must improve something within the airport related to their safety, capacity, security and environmental concerns.

According to Mario Rodriguez, the executive director for the Indianapolis Airport Authority, the AIP grant will help fund the initial construction and electrical phases of Taxiway D and Runway 5R-23L, focusing on strengthening and enhancing capacity.

“It sounds more technical than sexy, but this project will invest significantly in improving the airfield as a public asset and is anticipated to create more than 2,700 construction jobs,” Rodriguez said in a press release.

The Indianapolis International Airport will also receive about $1 million from nationally allocated funds to airports for Zero Emissions Vehicle grants. The Indianapolis Airport Authority said they will use the funding to purchase two 25-foot electric shuttle buses and charging stations.

In addition, the airport will receive more than $11 million to increase the capacity of the Remain Over Night parking. This project will help secure additional non-stop flights from Indianapolis and new commercial service carriers.

Indianapolis Airport Authority Senior Director Jarod Klaas, who also led the pursuit of AIP funding, stated in a press release that the grants “not only maintain and enhance airport infrastructure, but they also create opportunities. for many local companies to compete for these projects, leveraging a diverse business network and workforce that reflects the community.”

The Indianapolis Airport Authority received an additional two grants, one for the Eagle Creek Airport and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport, totaling nearly $300,000. This puts their total at more than $71 million in grants this year.

Rodriguez credited the success of the grant funding allocation to the support from Indiana’s congressional leaders in both the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives.

“This is the crown jewel among the collection of grants the IAA is set to receive,” Rodriguez said. “It’s the largest single grant in our airport’s history, and the largest allotment among the nation’s airports in the FAA’s latest AIP funding round.”

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